• Fall Networking Event, a Success!

    On October 9th, SCG proudly kicked off a new networking event series with our friends from Walnut St. Labs. The event took place at Teca restaurant, right in the heart of the borough of West Chester, Pa. Smart Consulting Group’s president, Denise Smart, hosted events of this nature several years back, so the time had […]

  • 483 Audit Forms

    So what’s with this 483 audit form and where do I go from here? Faced with a 483 audit form? If this is the first time your company has received a document of this nature your initial thoughts may be… now what? In order to understand the true implications of a 483 citation, it may […]

  • Bottlenecking Theory

    Bottlenecking Theory Lean Biomanufacturing, by Dr. Nigel J. Smart Understanding this theory can help address key concepts that can help your research team yield optimal results. It’s important to begin your research by first running through some equations that will help your team throughout your experimental endeavors. After all, you wouldn’t read a book if […]

  • Waste Removal

    Waste Removal Lean Biomanufacturing, Dr. Nigel J. Smart The million dollar question in lean biomanufacturing is (drum roll please)….how can we go about removing all of that waste? Although the process seems rather grueling, trust in the fact that waste removal is beneficial to your research. Waste removal will have a major impact on your […]

  • Value Stream Mapping

    Value Stream Mapping Lean Biomanufacturing, by Dr. Nigel J. Smart No one company can do it all. It’s nearly impossible to implement every fresh, new research method that enters the market into your company’s regimen. To put it simply, not every method may best fit your company’s overall goals. Understanding this key concept will be […]

  • Kaizen Events

    Implementing Kaizen Events into Your Research Team’s Methodology Lean Biomanufacturing, Dr. Nigel J. Smart In lean biomanufacturing the term Kaizen events “refers to the impact of the outcome relative to the cost expended.” Much different than most constructive concepts, in a Kaizen event once the main event is complete, the researchers’ work is far from […]

  • Flow Charting

    Getting to Know Flow Charting in Lean Biomanufacturing Lean Biomanufacturing, Dr. Nigel J. Smart When it comes to lean biomanufacturing, flow charting is deemed as one of the most basic techniques for defining what is required to operate a particular process. It is no question that the biopharmaceutical industry has evolved quite tremendously in recent […]

  • Fishbone Analysis

    Understanding the Basics of Fishbone Analysis Lean Biomanufacturing, Dr. Nigel J. Smart Tackling the demands of the biopharmaceutical industry can prove to be quite trying in today’s competitive field. Yet with proper research and experimentation, companies can readily understand the kinks in their systematic methods early on, leading to great success in their research. Tools […]

  • Lean Biomanufacturing: Keeping Your Eye on the Quality Goal

    By Nigel J Smart PhD, Smart Consulting Group To some, Lean Manufacturing is a meaningless concept when one is considering medical therapies or medical products. Often there is confusion in common English language, where the emphasis is on the Lean & Mean interpretation associated with just being efficient. As we all know this is a […]

  • The Pharmaceutical Consultants Role in Lean Manufacturing/Biomanufacturing Processes

    By Nigel J Smart PhD; Smart Consulting Group. So you’ve decided to run a Lean Manufacturing Program at your site, and you’re thinking how best to organize and operate the program. One useful option is to enlist the assistance of an experienced Lean Consultant. Here are a few areas where a consultant can play a […]

  • Leachables and Extractables in Biopharmaceutical Processing

    With the burgeoning interest in the use of disposables for the production of modern biopharmaceutical products, the level of scrutiny surrounding the topic of Leachables and Extractables has moved into a higher gear. It seems that there is an endless amount of attention being paid to this topic because of the potential impact on patients […]